21 Ways to Support

At Ray of Hope, we often receive calls from people who looking for ways to get involved and support our mission to provide hope and support to children and families impacted by abuse. We know there are so many amazing organizations in Bartlesville who are taking care of our most vulnerable citizens – and what we all have in common is our need for community support. So, wherever you choose to serve, we’ve put together our top 21 ways to help your local nonprofits.

  1. Learn more. Take a board member or the director to lunch or for coffee. We guarantee they’ll be eager to share their passion for the organization they serve.
  2. Take advantage of AmazonSmile.com. You pay the same price, but you can support your favorite local nonprofit with your online shopping.
  3. While you’re visiting Amazon, see if your charity has an online wish list, and then surprise them with a purchase on their behalf!
  4. Pick up an extra roll of stamps when you’re at the post office.
  5. Call your legislators and learn how legislation affects local nonprofits. While you’re on the phone, ask them to support funding to the programs that are meaningful to you.
  6. Volunteer! Most nonprofits are looking for ways to put people to work on their behalf.
  7. Offer to write a letter to your circle of friends to share why you’re donating to your favorite organization.
  8. Take a tour. At Ray of Hope, we are convinced that a first hand look is the best way to fully understand the programs that you’re supporting.
  9. Visit their website. If you have questions, spend a few minutes clicking through the different pages to see what you can find out.
  10. Follow them on social media. Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and share their posts with your friends and followers.
  11. Write a 5-star review on their Facebook page. Highlight the ways the organization is making an impact in the community.
  12. Write a letter of support. Nonprofits often rely on testimonials or support letters when asking funders for financial backing.
  13. Put your professional expertise to work. If you’re a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker – chances are, they can use you!
  14. Serve on a committee. This is a great way to learn more about the organization and see if it might be a good fit for a larger commitment.
  15. Ask about board opportunities. If you’re ready to serve big, find out if there are board positions available.
  16. Buy extra event tickets. When sponsoring a table at a special event in the community – invite staff or board members of your favorite charity to join in. It’s a great opportunity for them to see the impact other organizations are making!
  17. Donate to special events. Sponsorships and silent auction donations are great ways to collaborate with your local nonprofit and get some advertising in the community!
  18. Invite them to speak to your church or professional organization.
  19. Keep some brochures or business cards handy. When someone asks about what’s going on in Bartlesville, share a bit about your group.
  20. Include nonprofits in your estate planning – check with your accountant or the Bartlesville Community Foundation to learn more!
  21. Make a financial contribution – whether a $10 reoccurring monthly gift or a large multi-year pledge, consistent financial support can help your organization plan for the next several years!

No matter how you choose to get involved, know that area nonprofits are committed to maximizing their resources to serve the community – your time and your dollars will have a huge impact in Bartlesville.