Holiday Memories

Every Who down in Whoville likes Christmas a lot. They decorate with ribbons, trimmings and who-wreaths. They beat their blum-blookers, and wham their hoo-whunkers. They eat their who-pudding and feast on roast beast.


The Whos were Pinterest perfect 50 years too soon.


Tree decorating, cookie making, carol singing, meal prepping, movie watching or cocoa sipping – every family has different traditions done in different ways, making their holidays special. We bring memories from our childhood, and then as we begin our own families, we create a blend of old and new traditions. As the sights and sounds of the season surround us all, how can you create lasting memories with your family without trying to overdo everything?


Presence for the Holidays – At this busy time of the year, it is easy to have a running to-do list going through our heads as we are wrapping gifts and decorating sugar cookies. Try to slow down and focus on what is going on around you. Leave work, schedules and plans for the next activity on the back burner and focus on being present to truly enjoy each moment. This is a gift that you and your family will treasure. So, make a fire in the fireplace, put on the Christmas music and sip on some cocoa – these are guaranteed to help you slow down and savor the moment.


No Comparison Shopping – With the advent of social media and Pinterest, even Martha May Who-vier would feel her best is less than adequate. We can be tempted to look at other people’s pictures or projects and worry that we aren’t measuring up. We may think our family’s holiday memories are lacking something. Comparison is the quickest way to ruin your special holiday moments. You know your family and what brings the most joy and peace to your holiday season. Focus on enjoying those things and forget about making your celebrations look like someone else’s.


Make Your List and Check it Twice – At the beginning of the season, it can be fun to ask your kids what their favorite holiday traditions are. You might be surprised to learn what memories are on the top of their list.


Leave Some Wiggle Room – Sometimes in our attempt to fit everyone and everything into the schedule, there not much time for spontaneity.  Make sure there’s room in your holiday plans for an impromptu drive in your pajamas to look at Christmas lights. Run outside for an unscheduled snowball fight (if the weather cooperates) or maybe even a night of popcorn and Christmas movies.


Don’t Forget the Magic – Some of the most special holidays moments are found in the magic of the season. Whether that’s a candlelight Christmas Eve service, volunteering to serve a family in need or a mischievous Elf on the Shelf, focus on the things that are most magical to your family.


If we think back, our Pinterest perfect pioneers from Whoville found the same joy when stripped of all the ribbons, trimmings, who-wreaths, blum-blookers and hoo-whunkers. Their best Christmas morning came with simple togetherness, quick forgiveness and a warm welcome for a very unlikely guest. They invited he himself…the Grinch…to carve the roast-beast.