“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss knew how to engage children while communicating big messages to adults at the same time. What a great reminder – a person has rights, boundaries, worth, abilities and value whether he/she is four months old or 104 years old. A person is a person whether he/she is 6 pounds or 6 feet.


Do you ever discount your child’s ability to help or become involved in a project merely because he/she is a child?


“She wouldn’t understand.”


“It’s easier to do it myself.”


“How could he possibly help? This is a big problem.”


This week, Hoover Elementary students reminded everyone that even the smallest among us can make a huge impact. Following the school’s “Penny Drive” for Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Hoover Rams presented Ray of Hope with a $797.14 donation. This big check came from some very small people.


And which class won the “Penny Drive”? Mrs. Landers Pre-K class took the victory. The smallest among them made the biggest impact.


Allowing children to take ownership in a project and feel like they can make a real difference adds to their self-worth. When children can ease problems in the community beyond their immediate needs, a commitment to community and sense of pride begins to develop. You start to build an understanding of the greater world’s needs around your child without creating fear or anxiety. The children are not necessarily overwhelmed by the problem because you are making them a small part of the solution.


Looking for ideas of how to get your kids involved? How about:

  • Cleaning up trash at a park
  • Volunteering at ARF or SPCA
  • Taking needed or wish list items to local charities
  • Cleaning out gently used toys and donating them


“It makes me feel proud that we raised a lot of money to help kids,” said Evan Goad, Hoover student.


It makes us proud too, Evan. It also makes us thankful to all the teachers, administrators and parents who supported children in this project. We are so grateful for the financial contribution but also the time and investment each of you make into Hoover students daily.