Ray of Hope FAQ

At Ray of Hope Advocacy Center, we hear a lot of tough questions with complicated, deep answers or, unfortunately, no easy answer. Our agency has been working hard this year to ensure that the community understands our organization and the … Continued

Q & A Ray of Hope

Describe the mission of Ray of Hope. Ray of Hope Advocacy Center is a nationally accredited, 501(3)3 organization, focused on providing healing, hope and help to victims of child abuse and their families.  Our mission is to facilitate a coordinated, … Continued

Organization Child Protection Policies

A coach is left alone with a young student in a locker room. A Sunday school teacher continues teaching with just one student. A day camp volunteer takes children to the bathroom alone. An older teen mentor takes a single … Continued


Amid fake news, false advertising and flat out lying, it seems like it gets harder and harder to discern fact from fiction, quality from mediocrity or expert from amateur. When it comes to your children, you have to be sure. … Continued