Shaken Baby

When the doctor first places your sweet bundle of joy into your arms, it’s hard to imagine the lifetime of joys and frustrations that are ahead of you. The first smile, first words or first steps can make your heart … Continued

Ray of Hope EE

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. In reality, child protection is a year-round community issue and responsibility. That’s why Ray of Hope Advocacy Center is excited and honored to partner with the Examiner-Enterprise in launching a weekly column focusing on … Continued

Purple Crying

“This baby just won’t stop crying! I have tried everything to no avail – fed, burped, changed, cuddled, swaddled, rocked. Nothing works. It must be me! The baby must hate me. Why won’t he/she just stop crying!?” – almost every … Continued

Hot Car

Summer heat is already cranking up. It feels like there are so many important precautions to remember during the summer… Did you apply sunscreen? Are you well hydrated? How long have you been in the sun? It’s a lot to … Continued

General Safety Tips

It’s in the newspaper almost weekly. It’s in every city within every state. It crosses all barriers and knows all demographics. Child abuse impacts us all – there’s no denying that. But it also can seem overwhelming and leave you … Continued


As Oklahoma thermometers creep up into the red, many of us are dragging out the sprinklers or cooling off in the nearest swimming pool or lake.  Most kids love splashing in the water. Memories made at the lake or pool … Continued

Domestic Violence

In mere seconds, a domestic violence situation can escalate dramatically, leaving the victim squarely in fight or flight mode struggling to stay alive.  Words, punches and objects are thrown through the chaos, which can last minutes or hours. But what … Continued


Most of us can point to a time in our life, when we were at a crossroads. Maybe it was deciding where to go to college or whether to accept that marriage proposal. Maybe a teacher that saw a spark … Continued