Recognize, Report

In Oklahoma, a mandatory reporter includes every person with reason to believe that a child under the age of eighteen (18) is a victim of abuse or neglect. So by law, this includes all of us – you, me, every … Continued

Q & A Ray of Hope

Describe the mission of Ray of Hope. Ray of Hope Advocacy Center is a nationally accredited, 501(3)3 organization, focused on providing healing, hope and help to victims of child abuse and their families.  Our mission is to facilitate a coordinated, … Continued

Purple Crying

“This baby just won’t stop crying! I have tried everything to no avail – fed, burped, changed, cuddled, swaddled, rocked. Nothing works. It must be me! The baby must hate me. Why won’t he/she just stop crying!?” – almost every … Continued

Public Response Frazzled

Every parent has been there. You are in a public setting and your child is testing your patience. You repeatedly try to control your child. Nothing is working. Your child is loud, running, touching everything, taking things off shelves, upset. … Continued

Public Response

Your ears perk up as you are paying for your groceries. A frustrated mother jerks her young son’s arm and tells him to stop touching the candy. Now watching, you see her berate the four or five year old, ”Why … Continued

Protective Factors

What do going for a run, joining a MOPS group or blowing bubbles in the backyard with your kids all have in common? They’re all “protective factors” that keep families healthy and kids safe!   Your personal protective factors serve … Continued

Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Americans are urged to be proactive and create emergency plans for their homes and businesses. This includes a plan for any emergency or disaster.   Admittedly, just researching this column has triggered some anxiety for … Continued

Parenting with Love & Logic

Parenting is hard, and you don’t need to need a library full of theories or to memorize a bunch of stuff. You need practical, effective and consistent methods that help you and your children thrive. Love and Logic is a … Continued

Parent Child Tips

The Ray of Hope team looks forward to h’ART of a Child every year. It is such a positive, joyful event with so many community kids and parents. Last weekend’s event was no exception. h’ART is wonderful for our area … Continued

Organization Child Protection Policies

A coach is left alone with a young student in a locker room. A Sunday school teacher continues teaching with just one student. A day camp volunteer takes children to the bathroom alone. An older teen mentor takes a single … Continued