Internet Safety

From quick information to global communication, the Internet has completely changed the world. This also includes our immediate worlds – our family and our children. New websites and apps are developed every day, making it almost impossible to keep up. … Continued

Hurricane Harvey

It’s no secret that Bartlesville has very close ties with Houston. Many local corporations and employers, such as ConocoPhillips, Phillips66, Truity and more are headquartered in Houston or have a sizeable presence there. But our link goes deeper than office … Continued

Hot Car

Summer heat is already cranking up. It feels like there are so many important precautions to remember during the summer… Did you apply sunscreen? Are you well hydrated? How long have you been in the sun? It’s a lot to … Continued


The candy, the costumes, the popcorn balls, the candy (did we mention that already?) – make Halloween one of the favorite holidays of the year.  Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating, handing out candy to ghosts and princesses or waiting for the … Continued

Fourth of July

Fireworks, freedom, food, family, friends and fun. The Fourth of July is an American holiday steeped in traditions. In the dead heat of summer, this day may be the pinnacle of summer memories. How can you make the most of … Continued

Foster Care

Removing a child from an unsafe environment is a hard moment to imagine. It’s not one that is shown on the news or often dramatized on television. It is real and raw; lifesaving yet imperfect. It is accomplished by heroes … Continued


Whether old or young, friends are an important part of a person’s life. They help you through difficult trials and celebrate accomplishments alongside you. As your kids grow through childhood and adolescence, learning how to develop positive peer relationships is … Continued

Blue Sunday

April 29th marks the last big milestone in our month-long look at Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. If you look back, we discussed the history of Child Abuse Prevention Month and how its beginnings relate to where we are … Continued


Most of us can point to a time in our life, when we were at a crossroads. Maybe it was deciding where to go to college or whether to accept that marriage proposal. Maybe a teacher that saw a spark … Continued